We all need a little help now and again and in this section we cover the basic errors that can occur and videos on how to rectify them as well as some basic instructions just in case

If you cant find a resolution to your problem on this page please message us on Facebook or contact us on the technical number you have been provided with on delivery


E02 - Changing the filter

E02 is a common error, please follow these steps:

1. Remove the filter cartridge from the filter housing as shown in the video once you have replaced the filter reset the pump.

2. To clean the filter cartridge use luke warm water, run the filter cartridge under the water until the water runs clear. Do not use any detergent, washing up liquid or other chemicals. If the filter cartridges are still dirty or starting to disintegrate, change the cartridge for a new one. 

Also ensure that the water in the hot tub is not below minimum level - never add boiling water from the kettle into the tub as it will cause damage to the liner

No power to the pump

Your safety is our priority, all the equipment we provide have RCD protection and are all IP rated 12v 

If you have no power please check the lights on the RCD press the reset button if required as shown in the video

Ensure that a fuse has not been tripped on your main electric board 

Ensure you have pressed the ON button on the pump (please see video on how to use the pump below) 


Firstly please be careful when handling the tablets, wash hands after contact and keep away from children

Upon Delivery the team will shock the water with a chlorine solution you will then be supplied with Chlorine and chemical tablets

The chemicals tablets we supply are a 4 in 1 solution

- Chlorine which kills bacteria and other ghastly organisms by disinfecting water

- algaecide solution to kill algae 

- Water clarifier contains flocculants, which bind particles together so that a filter can trap them

- Stabiliser - adding the tablet to the chemical floater (shown in the video) slowly releases chemicals into a pool to keep it consistently clean

We suggest to add chemicals after use on a night, only add new chemical tablet when the previous one has dissolved. 

How to use the pump

The lazy spa pump is incredibly user friendly our team will set up the pump for you and give you instruction on how to use it, please leave the pump on during the entire hire period to get the best use out of the hot tub 

-Ensure the pump is on, this is the big green power button

-The lazy spa pump automatically locks its self after 5 minute, just press and hold the lock button to access the functions 

-Adjust the temperature of the spa by pressing the up and down buttons the spa should not exceed 40c, 40c is the optimal temperature but for younger children please drop to around 35c

- Please leave the heat and filter button alone during the hire ensure the are both on if the heat turns green it means the temperature is at its desired level.

- for bubbles please press the bubble button at the bottom the control unit 

Bubble Machine: Please note that the bubble machine needs to be facing away from the hot tub and will be set up that way during the teams build, the bubbles will not form when the gazebo is zipped and the hot tub is in operation, if you find that the bubbles are not forming even when hot tub is not in operation please clean the hopper and bubble spokes with fresh clean water

Bluetooth Speaker: Switch on bluetooth speaker (ensure it is fully charged, charge point is behind a rubber seal at the back of the speaker) press the bluetooth symbol on the speaker, ensure your phones bluetooth is switched on and connect to "Tribit Xsound Go" 

For any other error codes please contact us, we may video chat to resolve your issue

Please note if we have to visit site and its found that its user error there will be a £30 charge 

Thank you for choosing Cheeky Hot Tub Hire Bradford